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2015 baby name predictions released

Nameberry recently released their predictions for baby name trends for 2015. The number one trend they forecasted? Defining names like Noble or Saint that say “this baby is virtuous or this baby is powerful … never mind that he’s drooling and has a full diaper.” Interesting fact … apparently Puritans loved virtue names, but took […]

What’s wrong with Imogen?

And I’m back with another post about baby names, or one specifically this time – Imogen. According to Nameberry, Imogen is the top searched name of the first half of 2014, just like it was for 2013. However, it isn’t yet a top name. In fact, of the thousands of people who searched for Imogen […]

What’s in a name?

BabyCenter recently released its list of top names for 2014. Some of them had me scratching my head like the number one boy name, Dhruvan, which I have never heard. Others have been on these types of lists for awhile like Sophie and Lilly (or Lily.) Looking at the list, a few things are clear: :: We’re […]