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I don’t have the guts to sleep train my baby

My daughter is almost 16-months-old and I have a secret. She doesn’t sleep through the night. And I don’t have the guts to sleep train her. Why guts you ask? According to a New York Times column that has sparked quite the controversy in the parenting world, Dr. Michel Cohen, who founded Tribeca Pediatrics in 1994, […]

How you can cash in on breastfeeding this year

Breast-feeding mothers who purchase supplies like pump parts, breast pads and storage bags can now claim those items on their taxes thanks to a recent change to the Internal Revenue Service code outlining deductible medical expenses. Previously, pumps and breast-feeding-related items were not included in the “Medical and Dental” expenses category but after lobbying from […]

Snow storms and breastmilk

Every breastfeeding momma knows breastmilk is liquid gold. It’s antibacterial properties cure infections like pink eye and athletes foot and it’s a whole lot cheaper than formula. So when mega snow storms threaten mass outages, breastfeeding mothers, particularly those who pump, tend to panic. Double electric pumps don’t pump when there isn’t power. And according […]