Homestead shows you should be watching right now

Inspired by my recent realization that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is actually a show about homesteading, here are a few more homestead-y shows worth your time.

Mountain Men: This History Channel show follows the lives of seven men living off the grid and “back to the land” in mountain ranges throughout the US. The wanna-be homesteaders in our house love it so much we purchased the most recent season on Amazon.

BDN File Photo: Charlie Tucker is a Mainer featured on the show "Mountain Men."

BDN File Photo: Charlie Tucker is a Mainer featured on the show “Mountain Men.”

Alaska’s Last Frontier: This show follows the Kilcher family and their life in the Alaskan community of Homer. The family lives off the grid on their 600-acre homestead where four generations of Kilchers have lived and spent summers and fall gardening, hunting or fishing for food.

BDN File photo

BDN File photo

Filthy Riches: This show take viewers from the backwoods of Tennessee to the Maine mud flats as it shares the stories of Americans who have given up traditional jobs for a life with nature.

Doomsday Preppers: This National Geographic show is a less about life “back to the land” than the others, but every homesteader knows preparation is key to survival. Doomsday Preppers tells the stories of several Americans “prepping” for natural disasters, financial collapse or any other number of apocalyptic situations. Cast members are shown stockpiling things like food, water and weapons in the case of complete chaos.




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