5 ways AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ is actually about homesteading

Zombies, blood, guts and survival. Not exactly what comes to mind when you hear the word “homestead.”

But …

Take a deeper look. The number one zombie show on television these days is actually more “homestead-y” than you may think.

Photo credit: AMC, Gene Page

BDN File Photo: AMC, Gene Page

#1 Teams regularly head out and look for food, medicine, supplies and weapons. (That’s foraging!) 

#2 The main storyline of season five follows the lead characters as they try to live as normal of a life as possible in the Alexandria Safe Zone. Alexandria is solar powered, completely off the grid and almost entirely self sufficient. (They’re off the grid!) 


BDN File Photo: AMC, Gene Page

#3 Lead characters are constantly having to build or fix things with what’s available. Sometimes it’s art, but most of the time it is functional. The huge metal fence surrounding Alexandria was created using scrap metal from a nearby construction project that was never finished. (Recycle, reduce, re-use!) 

#4 While living at a prison, main character Rick Grimes, along with his family and several others start planting crops and keeping livestock. They stay at the prison for seven months, making it the longest time they’ve stayed in any one place since the apocalypse. (Organic, fresh, local!)

#5 Each time the groups stop roving, they settle down and assign jobs. It helps keep the peace and assures necessary duties like security are performed by the best people for the job. (Community! Self-reliance! Rugged Independence!) 


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