Strange things ‘natural parents’ say

I’ve now been part of a breast-feeding and natural parenting support group for the better part of a year and as a result have had some strange conversations, both at in person meetings and online. Here are a few of my favorites:


“I have SCOBYS!!”

“Take a look at this rash …” (This one is usually accompanied with a picture that would make anyone’s skin itch.) petitions pushing for federal laws that would require childcare centers to allow cloth diapers.

“My midwife didn’t make it in time.”

“Anyone else ever want to read ‘Go the F***k To Sleep’ very loudly?” 

Tales of babies biting while nursing so hard nipples lose feeling and/or bleed.

Informal tutorials on how to make everything form homemade cough syrup out of elderberries to self-induced lactation.


Natalie Feulner

About Natalie Feulner

Natalie Feulner is a journalist and “semi-crunchy” cloth diapering momma to a rambunctious toddler named after a county in California. She drinks too much tea and loves to climb rocks but not at the same time.