Unique baby names of 2014 released

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BabyCenter, which culls lists of baby names ranging in popularity each year, released its list of 2014’s most unusual baby names last night.

I’m all for unique, meaningful names, after all, we named our daughter after a county. But, some of these are really different (read: Agape).

According to the website, at least three children in a survey of nearly a half million parents had to have a name in order for it to be included on the list.

This year, it looks like unique spellings of common words-turned names or somewhat common names-turned uncommon, were a hit. Read: Heavenleigh and Quorra (which I’m guessing is a spin-off of Cora.)

Other parents seemed to take inspiration from the kitchen — Saffron and Basil. Although those names aren’t entirely surprising, given the trend of food names during the past few years which included Cheese in 2013 and Burger in 2012.

Some left me scratching my head — Bender, Darko, Yolo and Aggie. And others I kind of liked, though not enough to use them for future children — Ember, Piers and Indy.

See the full list of quirky and unusual names on the BabyCenter website, babycenter.com, and head back here to tell me your favorite!

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