Outdoor births coming to a television near you

born in the wild

Have you guys seen this new show Lifetime is working on right now? The network is calling it “Born in the wild” and it will feature women giving birth, unassisted and outdoors. Unlike some of the recent, unexpected births our fellow Mainers have experienced, these events are taking place on purpose.

According to a press release, the concept came from a viral (Warning: contains nudity, full birth) YouTube video of a woman giving birth outside with only a handful of people at her side, none of whom appear to be doctors or midwives.

I think it’s a great concept, although I don’t know how natural it will be to have dozens of camera people and producers around. I’m all for normalizing birthing alternatives and find unassisted births intriguing.
I’m sure there will be criticism, in fact, at least one person has already said this takes the whole natural birth movement too far. But honestly, I doubt it’s going to start a trend. If you’re going to give birth unassisted, outside in a creek, it’s not going to be because you saw it on Lifetime.
As a bonus, maybe this means water births won’t be the “weird” thing to do anymore? 


Natalie Feulner

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