Maine ranked fourth best state for working moms

Working moms take heart, Maine ranked pretty well in a recent WalletHub study that analyzed the best and worst states for moms who work outside the home or WOHMs.

Unfortunately, we’re near the bottom for access to quality day care which is more than disconcerting. However, we did come in fourth for work-life balance, which intrigued me since I feel like myself and moms I know are constantly trying to figure that out.

The findings were based on nine metrics ranging from the cost and quality of day care to parental leave policies. Here’s a brief look at how Maine ranked in each of the categories:

  • 46th – Day Care Quality
  • 31st – Child Care Costs
  • 7th – Access to Pediatric Services
  • 1st – Public School Quality
  • 28th – Gender Pay Gap
  • 3rd – Ratio of Female to Male Executives
  • 8th – Parental Leave Policy
  • 10th – Length of the Average Woman’s Workday
  • 21st – Average Commute Time

Overall, the state ranked fourth, just behind Vermont. To see the full report and to read insight on the findings from working women visit:

Natalie Feulner

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