Monthly Archives: May 2013


They’re green, leafy, curly and taste a bit like spinach. Fiddleheads – another Maine delicacy I was eager to try this spring. The husband and I headed out to the Union River this weekend for a morning of fly fishing and while we did not come home with any fish, I did fill a bag […]

Kicking off spring

About two months ago, I heard whisperings that spring was about to kick off with the opening of Gifford’s Ice Cream. It was still in the 40’s though at the time, and we were more likely to have snow than sun on any given day. So, like the west-coast wimp I sometimes am, I waited […]

Home sweet home

My husband and I recently purchased our first home. It was a decision made after many months of discussions about what we wanted, where we wanted to be and how much we were willing to spend. But it was also an experience (like many here) that highlighted some of the great differences between our former […]